Probably the coolest screensaver I’ve seen lately “Sprint, This Is Now”

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Ok, you are kind of fed up with the old pictures of your kids on your work computer, but the compliance officer in your company does understandably not quite see the business value of poorly dressed girl picture or sweaty firefighters appearing on your screen during your abscense and cats or puppies do not really match with your image? If you are a believer of “No Such Thing As Too Much Information”, you might find this the right alternative for a refreshing screen-saver change and you’ll make the Sprint marketing team happy on top !

So refusing to cut your overworked computer a break by tracking an exhausting amount of information through your screen-saver ? Then you need Sprint’s ”NOW Network” screen-saver.   We can guarantee you don’t need most of the information provided as :

  • Number of coffee cups being produced
  • Number of days until Friday
  • Number of Post-It notes being produced
  • A continual stream of infuriating Push-to-Talk chirps
  • Acres of forest cut now

The screen-saver is pretty much a compendium of individually-useless widgets, but when put together, they create this grating, multi-headed beast of sensory overload.


The screensaver is available for both Windows and Macs that puts that NOW goodness to use by protecting your screen when idle. The NOW screen-saver can be customized with your Twitter, Flickr and Facebook information to keep your social network hopping even when your computer is idle. It’s a very nice use of screen-saver technology for sure.

  • You can download the windows installer by clicking here.
  • You can download the Mac installer by clicking here.

As Sprint says :”Live in the Now.” Sure this helps.


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Probably the coolest screensaver I've seen lately "Sprint, This Is Now", 10.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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